Recap – Ice Skating and Edinburgh’s Christmas

I lied. Teasing of pictures of the big day and all you get are some of us skidding around on frozen water. But also…


… this. Exhibit A: How I don’t put her up for adoption after she is a complete buttock. Which she is. Often. Daily.


Anyways, off to Edinburgh. We went by train because, you know, driving into Edinburgh is like cycling to the moon, which sadly broke my vow never to travel by Scotrail again (the details of I will spare you from, lucky you).


We got there early and hit up Costa for some hot chocolate and babychinos. Notice in this picture how my baby looks about twenty (wtaf?)


Aaaaand back to 2. Phew.


I’d booked for just me and Sandy to go on the ice and at first this was vindicated because he found it pretty tricky to get around on the little skatey attachments he had.


But soon after we nicked a penguin aid and realised he could stand on the other side so I could fly round with him knocking little children and the elderly out the way (jk)…


…Rozzie got in on the action too.


As we went round little white blobs started falling out of the sky and I was all “oh my god Sandy it’s snowing… JUST FOR US!!!” and it wasn’t until after I realised it was eight degrees and the snow was fake foam pumped out for ambiance. Ah well, it was still amazing.


After this we meet lovely Emma for lunch and hit up the Christmas market with her, going on the big wheel in Edinburgh for the first time.


Stuart made a good effort at not looking like he hated it.


Me, on the other hand…


It was a great day, perfected of course by a cancelled train home and therefore a nap for Roslyn and my feeling vindicated in how crap Scotrail are.

Christmas 2014

Christmas started early this year. 5am to be precise. Thanks Roslyn. But it gave us time which was actually a good thing because we visit Stuart’s parents in the morning and have my lot over in the afternoon AND we have to fit a nap in somehow so it’s a busy day. Stuart and I got showered while Roslyn played and Sandy slept. When he woke up eventually (perhaps because I was too excited and started shouting HO HO HO next to his bedroom to rouse him…) he was still a little warm from the temperature he had been getting on and off, but it didn’t stop him. He immediately came to the bedroom door and looked up to the frame for the empty stocking which had been hanging there last night. He was excited to see it now on the floor, full of presents instead! We were going to open the stockings in our bed but Sandy demanded we go downstairs so we did. He went into the livingroom and was delighted to see that Santa had eaten his pastry, the reindeer had nibbled the carrots and that the “santa juice” was all gone.


We got stuck in to the pillowcases from Santa, Sandy’s mostly filled with tractors!


There was the obligatory struggle to open various types of packaging by me…


…and then Stuart when I gave up.


Sandy was just as excited to see what his sister had been given.




They loved their gifts and, as is typical, the little things were the biggest hits of the morning present parade…


Two manically fast wind ups I gave Stuart which Sandy delighted in being chased by.



Roslyn adored her fisher price telephone, though you wouldn’t be able to tell it from this picture.



We gave Roslyn her main gift. It’s an idea I stole from a friend, a charm bracelet with an “R” on, and we can add new charms each year.


There was time for a quick Christmas jig before we rushed off to get dressed for heading out.


Here we are, all in clothes, some of us matching (yep, odd one out in her snowman jumper) and no-one with stains on (yet).


All I wanted for Christmas (though I wouldn’t be in a hurry to give back my What Would Carl Sagan Do T-shirt)


Check out Rozzie having eyes only for her big brother.


We got to Gran and Granda’s and Sandy was happy to rip into more presents. He loved his Tow Mater pillow pet.


Roslyn tried her first chocolate and decided it was not for her.


Sandy got a brilliant big slide to attach to his climbing frame from his grandparents.


He was pretty happy with his lot.


They were both utterly spoiled.


Check out Sandy’s angel face in this one…


…and Rozzie’s here. Ahhhh!


You can probably tell from Roslyn’s face here that the 5am wake up (oh, and the ten minute micro nap) was starting to take its toll. So we set up the family photo and got snapping before she exploded in a ball of rage.


And it was a success… NO CRYING CHILDREN HOORAY!

And from one family…


…to another! My parents and brother arrived after we had a brief hour long napover and downtime for Stuart and I. I say downtime but I distinctly remember the hoover being out and something to do with making gravy in this era.


Stu-MIL love in.


Much like last year Jamie helped make up a wooden flat pack toy for Sandy. His “nee-naw man house”.


Roslyn let her hair down, and her dress up. Hussy!


And I ROCKED the christmas pudding shirt.


She looks like a little doll here!


Once Fran and Lib arrived it was present central again and both the kids did well to keep going strong through the barrage of thoughtful and amazing gifts they got.



I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: SPOILED.




I don’t have a finished picture but here was the goose pre-roast. Personally I LOVED it. So much more moist than turkey and much meatier. On the whole the room was split over it, half loving and preferring it, the other half favouring traditional turkey. Stuart was the decider but he stayed on the fence. Mind you, the way Roslyn tucked in, I’d say the goose won it. This year anyway 😉


Christmas dinner, for the 0.5 seconds Sandy stayed at the table. He ate pretty much half a slice of toast and fifteen chocolate bars all day and was high as a kite by this point so we put on the snowman and snowdog to bring him back down to earth slightly.


Roslyn half inched one of Sandy’s presents and impressed us by alternating putting it on the wall…


…and on Pa’s face. Clever girl!


The home made crackers went down a treat, and all in all we made £11 on the scracthcards in them. They cost £9 so we were up £2! Roslyn loved her hat, Sandy… not so much.


Hat Parade!


Not long after this picture Sandy and Roslyn ran out of steam so Stuart and I took them to bed. Afterwards we did our annual christmas hamper secret santa. They were all brilliant! We also did another little secret santa game where everyone brings a random £10 gift. You start with a gift and each roll a dice. If you get a 1 everyone moves presents to the left. If you get a 6 you swap your present for another of your choice. It’s so much fun. We put a timer on for ten minutes and watched as people tried to hold onto the ones they wanted. Fran was mad for my “hunks of 2015” calendar (made up of pictures of sandy), Lib wanted a Reindeer wall hanging, I was all about the foot massager and Jamie wanted Stuart’s gadgets. With one minute to go we had mostly what we wanted and then someone got a 1 and it was all change then the timer ran out. Slowly we all started re-swapping til we all had what we wanted, except Mum, but she had bought something she liked for herself anyway 😉 It’s great fun to try if you are looking to keep gifts to a minimum and hilarity to a maximum!

After that our guests headed home and Stuart and I tackled a little cleaning and Goose stripping before retiring to the couch for all of ten minutes before giving up and going to bed.

It was a brilliant Christmas and as my Mum mentioned probably the most hectic we will ever have based on the kids’ ages, so if this was the one with the most stress potential and it was a winner I can’t wait for the years to come!

Merry Christmas everyone!!